Vivo Y17s Now Available in Pakistan at Lower Prices; Both Variants Receive Discount

Vivo has been on this relentless spree. And they keep chopping down the prices of their older phones. We saw many of their phones on discounts before today. But now we find Vivo Y17s in the crosshairs. They’ve offset its 4/128 GB option’s price by Rs 1,500. It cost Rs 35,000 early on. But onwards, it will only cost you Rs 33,500.

We hear Y17s (6/128 GB) has also made adjustments now. You would’ve purchased it at Rs 40,000 before. But Vivo’s benevolent price cut will save you Rs 2,000. And it will be Rs 37,999 from now on. Not by much! But the prices seem more reasonable to us than they ever did before.

Vivo Y17s does well as your daily runner. But at the end of the day, it is a cheap device. That’s why the screen resolution is only 720p. That outdated notch style on a 6.56″ LCD will bug some people. It gets no flashy refresh rates, just your average 60Hz panel. And there’s a camera on its forehead with 8 MP resolution.

You see that dual lens optical setup on the back of the Vivo new budget model. One of those is a prime 50 MP camera. The other is probably there to assist it. You can tell Vivo went with a minimal design choice for it. Cheap as it is, there are no compromises on protection because it is IP54 resistant against dirt and water.

That gets us to the battery and other essentials. They went for a standard energizer here. 5000 mAh battery will run you a full day. For backup is a 15W top-up system. It has many things going for it in the performance category also. Helio G85 pulls the weight of its performance here. It does well in almost all categories.

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